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A sharing of Truths and Perspectives

Truth from My Perspective

Truth is subjective. Every single person views the world through the lens of their perceptions that are based on their life experiences.

Not all rules apply 100 percent of the time.

Everyone is different, which mean different things will work for different people.

The answers you seek are inside.

When we honor and partner with our bodies, we are capable of healing many things.

We are our own best healers and guides and deep down we know what we need to do. We must get back inside of our own bodies and feel what is going on in there.

The mental, emotional, and physical bodies are inextricably linked.

We are responsible for facilitating our own healing and we are our own best healers because we are the only ones that truly know what’s going on inside mentally and emotionally.

The path of healing is a continuous spiral, we repeatedly uncover deeper layers to obstacles and patterns previously uncovered.

Body reflects Psyche.

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